Products engine cooling system

Engine cooling system

The product range of Banco is very flexible with multiple design options in tube row and fin density combinations along with its material options for optimized cooling system performance. With a combination of various available fin channel designs, welded or extruded tubes as well as brazing processes, our range of products meet all specific application needs to promote high engine performances. Banco’s engine cooling products are also tooled up for low volume markets such as agriculture, construction, specialty vehicles and transit bus applications.

The product range of engine cooling systems includes Radiators, Charge air coolers, Oil coolers – Transmission and Hydraulic type, condensers, Fuel coolers, Battery coolers, Inverter coolers in Aluminum and Copper/Brass configurations and accessories – expansion tanks, fan motor assembly, fan shroud & guard and miscellaneous mounting plumbing accessories.

Banco’s product range of heat exchangers

The product range for Engine Cooling system includes radiators, inter-coolers & oil coolers as well as charged air coolers in aluminium and copper-brass materials.

Custom designed heat exchangers

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Banco has proven capabilities and expertise to provide customized engine cooling system th...

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Fuel Cooler

Exhaust gas recirculation cooler (EGR-C) have become critical due to the stringent emissions regulations and improved fuel ec...

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Oil coolers and condensers

Oil coolers/condensers are available in Extruded type, Bar & Plate type, Plate type, Drawn cup type, and Concentric type ...

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Charge air coolers (CAC)/intercoolers/after coolers

Banco's range of Charge air coolers (CAC) or Intercoolers/ After coolers have proved very successful in cooling engine intake...

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With vehicle aerodynamics and required emission specifications, the radiators produced at Banco are most efficient for a comp...

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