Our team

We are Banco

The Banco DNA

The company’s management and all its employees are united by shared values. These values stand for what drives us forward and what forms the basis of our actions, engagement, and commitment to all our stakeholders.


Our creativity, our constant search to find new solutions for our customer’s needs drives our actions. A thorough understanding of customer’s requirements helps us to tailor our products and offer customized solutions. We invest in research and in new technologies, constantly improve our products and thus remain well prepared to meet growing functional and environmental expectations of the future.

Passion for performance

With an eye on top performance, we try hard, we overcome adversities and never let up in our excellence endeavors. So whether it is about meeting high-quality standards or about meeting stringent delivery expectations of our customers, we give our best. In whatever we do, we are passionate about creating and adding value for all our stakeholders.

Team spirit

For us at Banco, teamwork , means everything – as we stand united, rely on each other, and complement each others’ efforts with a single-minded purpose of bringing success for Banco, its customers and all its shareholders We enable and encourage each other, share our knowledge, act cohesively and celebrate our success together. We encourage partnership with customers and supply chain partners towards our common goal of building a better tomorrow.