Integrated manufacturing Engine sealing system

Engine sealing system

Banco Gasket India Ltd (BGIL) has its manufacturing plant located in over an area of 45000 square meters at Ankhi near Vadodara. The Ankhi plant’s integrated manufacturing facility is equipped to produce around million gaskets per year.

Advanced manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Modular manufacturing set up with reduced material movement
  • Wide range of modern equipment and controlled processes
  • Jointing sheet manufacturing facility with wide range of products
  • Rubber compound manufacturing facility
  • Tandem line for high volumes
  • Flexible lines for small volumes and fluctuating demand
  • Automated lines for coating
  • High-quality screen printing process
  • In-house tool design and manufacturing
  • State-of-the-art standard room
  • Robust quality assurance management with high-end verification facility
  • All facilities and infrastructure under one roof makes BGIL a robust setup to meet customer demands for of quality goods in time

All of the above leads to the adoption of an integrated approach to analyzing and optimizing engine heat management.

Jointing sheet manufacturing facility:

Banco’s capabilities include:

  • In-house capability to manufacture jointing sheets
  • Development of a wide range of material grades
  • High-quality raw material sourcing from globally reputed suppliers

High precision gasket cutting

Equipped with modern CNC steel rule die cutting machines and computer controlled knife cutting machine, our soft and composite gasket manufacturing process is indeed state of the art. Besides producing parts to a high level of accuracy, this advanced manufacturing process offers excellent benefits in terms of optimizing of material consumption and waste minimisation. Result: High-quality and cost-efficiency for our valuable customers.

Rubber compound design and manufacturing

Banco offers:

  • Customized compound design
  • Computerized control on compounding
  • Stringent quality checks on batches
  • State-of-the-art molding machines
  • Multi-cavity approach for high volumes
  • Optimization through CRB
  • Injection/Compression molding machines
  • Pure rubber, edge molded, surface molded parts to offer to suit specific requirements

MLS gasket plant

Our high-precision multi-layered Steel Gasket manufacturing plant includes:

  • 2 progressive lines
  • 1 tandem line

The plant is also equipped with a laser welding facility for welding of stopper in cylinder head gaskets for high performance

Laser welding

LASER welding is a most advanced technology for integrating stopper in MLS gaskets. The technology provides precision in the manufacturing of All Steel Gasket with optimized material utilization for providing bead stopper. This also enables to design an accurate geometry in the Cylinder Bore Area to achieve sealing and makes it flexible to provide soft sealing on low-pressure galleries with feasibility to have edge/surface moulded metal grommets.

In-house tool design and manufacturing

Our competent tool manufacturing capabilities include:

  • MAKINO High accuracy VMC
  • CNC steel rule bending facility
  • CNC turning center
  • Wire EDM machines
  • Spark erosion machine

Composite gasket plant

The asbestos-free Composite Gaskets manufacturing facility at Banco includes hydraulic and mechanical press as well as NC cutting facility.The composite gasket material includes all variants such as Non-Metallic Types, Semi-Metallic Types and Metallic Types. These gaskets are suitable for low and high pressure and temperature applications.